Top 10 Posts for October 2011

Stephen Jones wasn’t making any accusations, wink wink, but his statements about conflicts of interest between the chairman of the British Fantasy Society and five winners of the British Fantasy Awards ignited a huge controvery that resulted in Sam Stone returning her Best Novel award and the resignation of BFS chairman David Howe. Imagine if Jones had been accusing anyone?

Stories exploring the Hugos’ record of avoiding conflicts, the revival of Amazing Stories and the Soviet iconography being used by the Orlando in 2015 bidders were also among the Top 10 posts for October 2011 according to Google Analytics:

1. Along Came Jones
2. Stone’s Beau Geste
3. Howe Quits As Chair of BFS
4. Better Red?
5. SF Encyclopedia Releases Beta Text
6. Crotchety Is Amazing
7. Does Being GoH Tilt the Playing Field?
8. Wooster: Gibson Credits Susan Wood
9. How the Hugos Avoid Conflicts of Interest
10. Peter Beagle Getting Paid