Top 10 Posts for October 2013

People came to pay their respects to Elliot K. Shorter, who’d been a legend in more than one fandom, and other friends who passed away in October.

They also came to look at the future of fandom – a new Worldcon bid for Finland.

And an unusual number of readers – for File 770 – discovered viral videos here promoting Godzilla 2014 and Carrie.

Here are the Top 10 Posts for October according to Google Analytics.

1. Elliot K. Shorter (1939-2013)
2. Godzilla 2014 Trailer
3. Larry Tucker (1948-2013)
4. Dot Lumley Passes Away
5. Terror at the Coffee Shop
6. Finland Bids for Worldcon in 2017
7. Future Worldcon Bids
8. Leland Sapiro (1924-2013)
9. Philip Nutman (1963-2013)
10. Helsinki in 2017 Bid

One thought on “Top 10 Posts for October 2013

  1. I notice that exactly half are news of fans passing away. In another couple of years, fans will access the File 770 page for the same reason elderly people peruse the obituary column in the newspapers.

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