Top 10 Posts for September 2013

As long as I’ve been compiling these lists, the first month after Worldcon has been dominated by announcements and analysis about the Hugo Awards. Unfortunately, in September the major stories involved the deaths of a newly-elected Worldcon chair, a grandmaster of the field and a Hugo-winning fan artist. Plus a late announcement of a 2007 death and the dedication of a memorial to a grandmaster lost in 2012.

I also called out some bloggers who seemed to look forward to even more of us fading away.

Was there nothing worth a smile? Actually, the resurgence of interest in the Hevelin obituary was driven by an author who had Tuckerized him a few times and wanted people to see a picture of the fellow when his hair was its original red color. Happy to oblige!

Here are the Top 10 Posts for September according to Google Analytics.

1. Bobbie DuFault Dies
2. Frederik Pohl (1919-2013)
3. Ray Bradbury Library Dedicated
4. It’s Spokane in 2015
5. 2013 Hugo Award Winners
6. Rusty Hevelin (1922-2011)
7. Delphyne Joan Hanke-Woods (1945-2013)
8. Don’t Forget To Drop Dead
9. Cornell Apologizes for Smof Routine
10. Mary Kornbluth Death Revealed