Top 10 Posts For September 2014

Forty percent of the stories in the September Top 10 are Bradbury-related. Two on the auction of his estate, one about the campaign to “save” his Retro Hugo for IUPUI’s Bradbury center and, for lagniappe, a Trivia Quiz where the choices were Bradbury or Vox Day. (Naturally, the right answer was Bradbury.) Four out of 10 is awfully good, but rest assured my Bradbury source John King Tarpinian is scheming a way to beat that record.

The answers for a different post were: Vox Day and Larry Correia. The question is: “Which writer’s blog sent more readers to pound on Mike Glyer?” The post was: “Letter To A Higher Critic.” After I observed that Day’s NY Times Bestseller List one-and-done litmus test applies not only to his habitual target, John Scalzi, but also to his patron Larry Correia, many people showed up to give me a piece of their mind. Including a few who had none to spare.

You may ask, is it possible for a post to make the Top 10 from simple enjoyment — no keruffle, no drama? You need look no farther down the list than #3, about the Noreascon Three Sunday Brunch in 1989 which gathered all then-existing generations of sf pros and fans for a day that can never be repeated.

1. Letter To A Higher Critic
2. Looking for Angel to Save Bradbury’s Hugo
3. Remembering “Science Fiction’s 50th Anniversary Family Reunion” at Noreascon Three (1989)
4. Bradbury Estate Auction Begins Online
5. Which One?
6. Today’s Homicidal Trivia Quiz
7. Cameron KO’s Roger Dean in Avatar Suit
8. The Dorms of Middle Earth
9. Lovecraft 2, PC 1
10. Final Tally From Bradbury Auction