Top 10 Posts of 2011

The passing of Mike Glicksohn and Rusty Hevelin in 2011 shook fandom in a way few others ever have. They were larger-than-life participants in Midwestern fandom when we were all much younger. Both men’s obituaries are among the 10 most-viewed posts ever published here – Hevelin’s having reached that many readers in less than a week.  

Still, sublime thoughts about lost friends did not keep us from also debating the Wikipedia, awards, fan funds and other topics of perpetual interest.

And a couple of these posts were the rare ones  noticed by services with wider audiences, as the Pratchett post was picked up by Metafilter, while the Lord of the Rings Pez dispenser post (or at least the image) has rippled through Tolkien-oriented message boards.  

Here are the 10 most frequently viewed posts of the year 2011 according to Google Analytics.

1. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
2. Mike Glicksohn (1946-2011)
3. Rusty Hevelin (1922-2011)
4. Joe Haldeman Doing Well
5. D. West Declines Rotsler Award
6. Wikipedia, Fandom Waving Goodbye?
7. Lord of the Rings Pez Dispensers
8. Massacre at the TAFF Corral
9. Personal Thoughts About the Fan Hugos
10. Fallen Angels at 20