Top 10 Stories for August 2021

Jon Del Arroz banned by Twitter. Vox Day ousted from Blogger. Any doubt why these were last month’s two most-read posts?

And here are the rest of the top 10 posts for August 2021 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Jon Del Arroz Permabanned from Twitter
  2. Vox Day’s Blog Offline
  3. DisCon III Team Announces Covid-19 Policy for December Convention
  4. 2021 Dragon Awards Ballot
  5. Celebrating The Wonderful Nehemiah Persoff At 102
  6. Pixel Scroll 8/14/21 WandangerousVisions
  7. Pixel Scroll 8/18/21 Science Fiction Grand Pixel Banned From Scroll
  8. RWA Rescinds One of the Inaugural Vivian Awards
  9. Pixel Scroll 8/7/21 Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Scroll
  10. Pixel Scroll 8/9/21 The Wards Are All In Place, But The Junes Are Busting Out All Over

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Stories for August 2021

  1. Another terrific Harvia gag. Thanks for posting these.

    That’s a phrase that has always bothered me. I mean, you have to mention the word in order to claim you don’t know it, and in order to know you don’t know it, you have to know what it refers to. So it’s very much in your vocabulary.

    Unless your database is buggy,.of course.

    Yes,.I do think explaining jokes can be funny, as a matter..of fact. Not necessarily funny, I’ll grant you…

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