Top 10 Stories for May 2023

Interest in the latest Nebula Award winners surpassed everything else on File 770 in May.

The topical anxiety over AI art generators drew readers to last month’s second leading story. The discovery that the latest Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off cover contest winner was produced using AI in violation of the rules was a shock, and came only after others showed why the cover artist’s evidence that he had done it himself could not be believed.

Here are the ten most widely-read posts of May 2023 according to Google Analytics.

  1. SFWA Announces the 58th Nebula Awards Winners
  2. SPFBO Cover Contest Killed After Discovery That 2023 Winner Was Produced by AI
  3. BasedCon 2023 Becomes the Culture Wars Battlefield of Its Dreams
  4. Westercon 75 Anaheim Canceled
  5. Pixel Scroll 5/23/23 I Had A Pixel Scroll About An Hour Ago, And It Went Right To My Head
  6. The Nautilus: Where Childhood Dreams Were Born
  7. Pixel Scroll 5/14/23 Pixelberry Jam On Filer Buttered Scrolls
  8. S. B. Divya Promotes Sudowrite
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/25/23 Pixels Propagate Like Tribbles And They Purr Like Them Too
  10. Pixel Scroll 5/15/23 It’s More Like A Big Ball Of Wibbly-Wobbly, Pixelly-Scrolly Stuff

One thought on “Top 10 Stories for May 2023

  1. Kinda glad I didn’t see the Basedcon one until now when it would be pointless to comment on some things said there. I don’t usually consider it a good thing to have missed a whole week’s worth of posts, as I did around then, but this time it was a small favour.

    (For the record, I am happy they have their own con, and I wish them success off where they are.)

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