Top 20 Posts for 2021

Given the choice, DisCon III would have liked to make only half as much news as it did last year. Between the resignations of two chairs, two Hugo administrators, and the events surrounding the disinvitation of a guest of honor, plus the positive stories about the Hugo Awards finalists and winners, twelve of the 20 most-read posts of 2021 related to the Worldcon.

Entirely unrelated to the Worldcon, the second post on the list, from January 2020, got a new lease on life in June when it was linked by a Vox magazine article about Twitter and Isabel Fall. Then, when Lindsay Ellis linked to the Vox article on Patreon this week, the post received another surge of readers.

Here, then, are last year’s twenty most-read posts according to Google Analytics.

  1. DisCon III Declines to Comment on Code of Conduct Issue About Hugo Finalist
  2. Clarkesworld Removes Isabel Fall’s Story
  3. Another DisCon III Hugo Administration Team Resigns
  4. Fozard Guest Post About Resigning as Worldcon Co-Chair
  5. Weisskopf Announces Hiatus for Baen’s Bar
  6. 2021 Hugo Awards
  7. 2021 Hugo Awards Finalists Announced
  8. DisCon III Removes Weisskopf as a Guest of Honor
  9. Weisskopf, Correia, Weber Defend Baen’s Bar; Jason Sanford Subjected to Harassment Over His Report
  10. Baen Strikes Back; Sanford Under Growing Storm of Harassment
  11. Peter S. Beagle and Ownership Group Regain Control of Rights to His Work Following Sale Approved by Bankruptcy Court
  12. Worldcon 76 Settles with Jon Del Arroz: Issues Apology, Will Pay Compensation
  13. Jon Del Arroz Permabanned from Twitter
  14. Celebrating The Wonderful Nehemiah Persoff At 102
  15. Vox Day’s Blog Offline
  16. DisCon III Chair Lawhorn Resigns
  17. Dan Simmons Criticized for Remarks About Thunberg
  18. Pixel Scroll 2/19/21 Why, I Sweep My Scroll With A Geiger Counter Every Day, And Nary A Pixel!
  19. Where To Find The 2021 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online
  20. DisCon III Business Meeting Keeps Lodestar, Best Series; Passes Controversial Resolution About Site Selection

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