Two Future British Eastercons Selected

The 2016 and 2017 sites for the British Eastercon were approved at Dysprosium.

Anxiety reigned in January after the Cardiff group had to withdraw its bid for 2016 and no group was poised to take its place. Little was heard in the interim.

This past weekend fans learned volunteers have stepped forward with a plan (part of a plan?)

The 2016 Eastercon will be in Manchester. The Mancunicon committee told Facebook readers their Guests of Honor will be Sarah Pinborough, Ian McDonald, Dave Clements, and “Interesting Guest A,” Aliette de Bodard. The message ended, “So I think we can probably claim to have 20% of a plan now!”

Fans also voted the 2017 Eastercon to the Cardiff group, which has apparently overcome all obstacles to hosting the con.

The 2017 Eastercon’s name will be Pasgon. Their Guests of Honor are Jo Walton, Lyn Evans and David “DC” Carlile.

6 thoughts on “Two Future British Eastercons Selected

  1. Have they ever had one on the Isle of Guernsey, or Jersey? That might be sort of neat … or too chancey for fans?

  2. Taral — some people strongly disapprove of holding Eastercon in Jersey because it’s so expensive to get there that lots of fans just can’t afford it. And it’s not as if it’s a benefit to the local Jersey fandom who otherwise have to pay to get to wherever the con is, because the local Jersey fandom is just one person. (This information may be a little out of date…)

  3. Pasgon will be the first Eastercon in Wales (and not for want of trying previously); it’s thrilling that Jo Walton, who is by some margin our greatest living Welsh SF/Fantasy writer, will be a Guest of Honour there.

    There has never been an Eastercon in Northern Ireland either. NI tourism is really taking off thanks to (a) the brilliant scenery and (b) the Game of Thrones effect, so with a bit of luck there’ll be an Eastercon-suitable hotel there in a few years.

  4. And I should probably say that I’m doing social media (and probably some other comms work as well) for Mancunicon. This bid was put together ‘shortly before’ Dysprosium. We expect to have our website (and in particular, money taking systems) ready within a couple of weeks. In the mean time, you can express interest in the convention using a Google Form here:

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