Two Lost Troughton Doctor Who Episodes at Itunes

By James H. Burns: This may be old news but it was new to me last night when long-time Doctor Who fan George Downes told me that the majority of two “lost” Patrick Troughton story arcs had been discovered, and were already available on Itunes — “Enemy of the World” and “Web of Fear.”

(The first may be particularly notable, in that Troughton plays the dual role of a dictator…)

Long have I believed that Troughton was one of the great actors in genre productions, with his role in Jason and the Argonauts as the Greek besieged by the harpies a particular standout. (There have indeed been times in my life when I’ve looked toward the heavens, and paraphrased, “Lord knows I’ve sinned, but I did not sin every day…”)

I only came to the Troughton Whos about seven years ago, and they quickly became a particular joy, so this is welcome information.

George also mentioned that there’s a rumor that these episodes may well be part of a larger trove of missing BBC material…

(And, as long as we’re stepping into the Tardis, mention should probably be made that George Downes is sort of a nice footnote to New York area fandom history;  From about 1987 to 1994, George ran a series of collectibles shows throughout New Jersey, in Long Island, and even a few in Manhattan.  Today, he’s an insurance broker.)

Here is the trailer for the recently discovered missing episodes release of Doctor Who “The Enemy Of The World” on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Two Lost Troughton Doctor Who Episodes at Itunes

  1. These are the very episodes that were the subject of all the rumours about a month back about the “giant trove of material from Africa.” It turns out in true Radio Yerevan styel, the “99” episodes from Nigeria were actually 9. I’m glad to see them but it would be more exciting if we had the whole Traughton run as rumored.

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