Tyson’s Starry Vest

I gather that the starry vest is astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s signature outfit. I wasn’t aware of that when I first saw this panel from Action Comics. My reflexive response was to wonder, “Why is Tyson wearing a Friend of the Boston in 2001 Worldcon Bid vest?”

The history of those vests was explained in an an ad for Boston’s next (2004) bid:

Our “Ladies Sewing Circle…” got together their sewing machines, scissors, pin cushions, and a couple of hundred yards of starry fabric and began to make vests (for the SurRealEstate brokers, of course). Eventually, they custom-made about 300 vests for committee, friends of the bid, and potential guests of honor of the 2001 Worldcon.

Peter Grace wearing his starry vest at L..A.con IV (2006). Photo by Chaz Boston Baden.