TZ Is Today’s Gold Box Deal

One reason it drives me crazy when my ISP decides to go walkabout from the internet (as happened a little while ago) is that I can’t post time-sensitive news.

Amazon’s Gold Box deal for the rest of today is the complete Twilight Zone series in either Blu-Ray or DVD at deeply discounted prices.

The sale coincides with Syfy’s Twilight Zone marathon.

1 thought on “TZ Is Today’s Gold Box Deal

  1. I think I still have a six hour tape from a PBS fund raiser of one of their frequent Twilight Zone marathons . It’s labeled “Twilght Zone Beg a Thon.” I have the series on DVD–one of the ultimate editions( not so ultimate since BluRay) –but cannot get the subtitles to work. But the series–like many in the earlier peroid of TV–is not cluttered with too much sound.

    The “hour” long episodes seem to be the ones I rewatch the least.

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