Uncanny Magazine Issue 59 Launches 7/2

The 59th issue of the Uncanny Magazine, winner of seven Hugos and a British Fantasy Award, will be available on July 2 at uncannymagazine.com

Hugo Award-winning Publishers Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are proud to present the 59th issue of their seven-time Hugo Award-winning online science fiction and fantasy magazine, Uncanny Magazine. Stories from Uncanny Magazine have been finalists or winners of Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards. As always, Uncanny features passionate SF/F fiction and poetry, gorgeous prose, provocative nonfiction, and a deep investment in the diverse SF/F culture, along with a Parsec Award-winning monthly podcast featuring a story, poem, and interview from that issue. 

All of Uncanny Magazine’s content will be available in eBook versions on the day of release from Weightless Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. Subscriptions are always available through Weightless Books. The free online content will be released in 2 stages- half on day of release and half on August 6. 

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  • Lunacy Act 1 by Broci


  • “The Uncanny Valley” by Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas


  • “Signs of Life” by Sarah Pinsker (7/2)
  • “Across the Street” by Greg van Eekhout (7/2)
  • “The Midnight Spa” by Sunwoo Jeong (7/2)
  • “Wonderland Is a Parking Lot in Revere” by John Chu (8/6)
  • “Something Small Enough to Ask For” by AnaMaria Curtis (8/6)
  • “Zarghána” by Eleanna Castroianni (8/6)
  • “The Worms that Ate the Universe” by Megan Chee (7/2)


  • “Book Clubs with My Imaginary Friends” by Marissa Lingen (7/2)
  • “Southern Gothic: Shadows, Superstition, and the Supernatural” by Del Sandeen (7/2)
  • “Scalzi on Film: Hollywood Totally Lied to Us About AI: Why Cinematic Cyborgs Are So Much Smarter Than What We Have in the Real World” by John Scalzi (8/6)
  • “It Is a Truth Universally Acknowledged That We Shall Return Once Again to the Regency” by Natania Barron (8/6)


  • “In Dreams, I Cannot Read or Hope” by Terese Mason Pierre (7/2)
  • “the city that hunted us” by Natasha King (7/2)
  • “syzygy” by Roshani Chokshi (8/6)
  • “In Another World of Living” by Abdulkareem Abdulkareem (8/6)


  • Greg van Eekhout interviewed by Caroline M. Yoachim (7/2)
  • AnaMaria Curtis interviewed by Caroline M. Yoachim (8/6)


  • Episode 59A (July 2): Editors’ Introduction; “Signs of Life” by Sarah Pinsker, as read by Erika Ensign; “In Dreams, I Cannot Read or Hope” by Terese Mason Pierre, as read by Matt Peters; and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing Sarah Pinsker.
  • Episode 59B (August 6): Editors’ Introduction; “Wonderland Is a Parking Lot in Revere” by John Chu, as read by Matt Peters; “syzygy” by Roshani Chokshi, as read by Erika Ensign; and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing John Chu.

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One thought on “Uncanny Magazine Issue 59 Launches 7/2

  1. Scalzi started his career in journalism out of college in part writing film reviews. He’s made reference to them on his blog from time to time. This should be an interesting essay to read.

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