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(1) Unlike the other Star Trek movies, which are pretty much self-contained stories, J.J. Abrams’ offering paid true homage to the franchise, if often with Easter eggs.

(2) Discusses role of Klingons in Discovery and the role of religion in Star Trek.

(3) Just as Doctor Who fans are gang piling on Moffat now that he has left the show, Game of Thrones fans are gang piling on Dan and Dave, the show’s producers, now that the show is headed toward its last season.

(4) “The Battle of the Bastards” is considered one of the great achievements of the Game of Thrones television series.  According to this video, all is not what it seems in this legendary episode.

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  1. There was plenty of piling on Moffatt before he left DW, too! Very mixed bag, Moffatt.

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