Updates to Chicon 8 Hugo Voter Packet

Chicon 8 Hugo Administrator Kat Jones answered File 770’s request to summarize the changes that have been made in Hugo Voter Packet since its original release on May 27.

Here are the additions, subtractions, and changes:

  • Best Novella: Files updated for Aliette de Bodard’s work
  • Best Short Story: docx version of Alix Harrow’s work was removed
  • Best Editor, Short Form: Files added for Sheree Renée Thomas
  • Best Editor, Long Form: Files added for Sarah T. Guan
  • Best Fancast: Zip file for the category broken into two parts for easier download of materials

Chicon 8 will also distribute this information on its official social media channels today.

4 thoughts on “Updates to Chicon 8 Hugo Voter Packet

  1. Thanks for the info, @Mike Glyer! I didn’t have the additional files for Thomas, so I went ahead and re-downloaded all those listed above (except Fancast), in case I was missing any of the other changes. (Even BE:LF, in case of changes to the files I had.)


  2. I’m still concerned about this event, the Oscars of the science fiction world, a field that celebrates human freedoms and accomplishments, being held in a country that does not respect freedom for its own citizens.

  3. Just looking at the files added for Sheree Renée Thomas and it’s the anthology Trouble the Waters which wasn’t published until Jan 2022. So it isn’t part of her eligible work for this year’s nomination. The Nov/Dec 2021 issue of F&SF which was previously included is, but not the anthology.

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