Urban Renewal for the Undead

Martin Morse Wooster asks, “Did you know that there is a dying mall in Reading, UK (Dave Langford’s home town) that is SO DECREPIT that a company has leased out the entire mall so that gamers can run around pretending they are killing zombies?”

Experience a realistic ‘Zombie Survival Horror’ experience day. This is not a five minute ghost train or haunted house, this is an adrenaline filled , blood soaked zombie survival event. In this realistic zombie role play, have you got what it takes to survive?


This is more than just shooting the zombies, this is a game of survival. As a survivor you will need nerves of steel, brain power, work in a team and form tactics to fight, complete missions and survive your way through the hordes of zombies. How your day will go depends on how the story would end. Will you save the world or die trying?

Based in the Friars Walk shopping centre in the heart of Reading, Berkshire, First & Only Airsoft offers an unparalleled Airsoft gaming experience. The site is an entire self contained mall spread across 3 levels with over 250,000sq Ft of shop space, walkways, stair cases, lower ground storage rooms, service corridors and loading bays. Whether you like your action up close and personal or over bigger areas with lots of sneaky play, ‘The Mall’ has everything.

Martin, I don’t know that I’m a very promising candidate if you’re looking for someone to tease Dave about his home town. You may have overlooked that in my home town they don’t use just one mall but the entire city as the location for anything from Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D to Zombieland, not to mention films shot in the suburbs like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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2 thoughts on “Urban Renewal for the Undead

  1. Looks like a typical New York Subway station, judging from the last time I was in one. All it lack is an elphant or camel or whatever, pictured in tiles on one of the walls.

  2. Fanglord may have lived in Reading for decades now, but “home town” to me implies where he grew up, and that was in Wales, not England

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