Utah Wins 2019 Westercon Bid

Utah’s unopposed bid to host the 2019 Westercon won the site selection vote. The results were announced on July 2 at this year’s con in Tempe, Arizona.

Utah Fandom Organization, Inc. will host Westercon72 in Layton, UT with Kate Hatcher as chair. Their website will be online shortly

Kevin Standlee reports 43 votes were cast, with 4 No Preference. The 39 votes expressing a preference went to —

Utah 32
Tonopah NV 3
Reno NV 2
Hopland CA 1
“Both” 1

Westercon 72 has announced their guests of honor:

  • Author Guest of Honor: Jim Butcher
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Vincent Villafranca
  • Cosplay Guest of Honor: Kitty Krell
  • Fan Guests of Honor: Kevin Standlee, Lisa Hayes, and Kuma Bear

There is also a Utah for 2019 bid for the NASFiC, which if selected will be held in combination with Westercon 72.

8 thoughts on “Utah Wins 2019 Westercon Bid

  1. “Kitty Kre;;”? Looks like Mike’s fingers slipped. I shall appertain.

    Also, yay Bears!

  2. Mike Glyer: This time the appertainment is premature — Krell is spelled Krell.

    Not in the tags, it’s not.

    What the hell. I shall appertain also. 😉

  3. Also trains. The Westercon committee leadership suggests that they are considering organizing an off-site trip to the Golden Spike National Historical Monument on account of the 150th anniversary of the driving of the final spike of the USA’s first transcontinental railroad at Promontory Summit, Utah. Even if they don’t organize such a trip, I reckon that we’ll go up there after the convention anyway, because the opportunity is too good to miss. Lisa has driving over the original route (which was abandoned when the railroad was rerouted over a bridge/trestle/causeway across the Great Salt Lake) in her 4WD vehicle coming from the west, and says it’s an interesting but difficult trip.

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