Verse and Verse

By John Hertz: Among the wonders of Loscon XLI (28-30 Nov 14) I saw a table in Ask Us Alley for next year’s Fandom Verse Expo, Lancaster. At that hour – 1 a.m. if I recall correctly – no one was staffing the table, but there was literature. Feeling I was surely in favor of fandom verse I left this sample, which Paige Willey later politely said the gang found acceptable.

I like fandom ’cos it’s strange.
It helps my mind get broader range.
The creatures I meet
May have seven feet
But there’s nothing I’d take in exchange.

2 thoughts on “Verse and Verse

  1. John has answered the challenge —

    It Can Always Get Verse

    So he thinks that my last line is weak!
    Well, to me it’s as solid as teak.
    To this forest of Sherwood
    I say “If you blur wood,
    You might peck where you’ll break your beak.”

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