Vonda’s Casting Call

On the Book View Café Blog, Vonda McIntyre has asked readers to recommend performers to be cast in a movie hypothetically being made from her novel Dreamsnake:

Now I have the opportunity to create the fantasy cast of the Dreamsnake movie, and I could use some help.

I have some ideas for Snake, Arevin (you’ll be surprised, but you’ll see I’m right), the Mayor, Jesse, and North.

I haven’t settled on who could play Stavin, Stavin’s three parents, Arevin’s cousin (the leader), Alex, Gabriel, Ras, Silver, Thad, the crazy, or Jesse’s brother.

I believe the cast is meant to be chosen from contemporary actors and actresses – although shouldn’t a science fiction writer know someone with a time machine who can retrieve anyone in movie history?

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2 thoughts on “Vonda’s Casting Call

  1. Years ago, the National Lampoon magazine published a bit which went through some of the joys of casting. It was a three step process that went something like this:

    I want John Goodman. I’ll take Dennis Franz. I’ve just signed Ed Green.

    For the humor of it, it is many times the truth.

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