Vote for the Faned Awards

Sample Faned Awards certificate by Taral Wayne.

Example of 2011 Faned Awards certificate by Taral Wayne.

Voting in the fifth annual Faned Awards is open until September 28, 2015.

Created by R. Graeme Cameron, the award recognizes excellence in Canadian fanzines – no matter where the contributor is from.

  • Anyone of any nationality who contributed to Canadian Fanzines is eligible.
  • Anyone of any nationality who reads Canadian SFF&F Fanzines may vote.

There are five categories: Best Artist, Best Writer, Best Letter of Comment Writer, Best Canadian Fanzine (which are voted on by readers) and Hall of Fame (which is juried).

Winners receive a certificate illustrated by Taral Wayne and, eventually, once an inexpensive method of reproduction is established, a magnificent “Faned” sculpture designed by Eric Chu and sculpted by Lawrence Prime.

Says the Graeme —

In an era when science fiction fandom has gone mainstream (a good thing by the way) the “Faneds” remain devoted to celebrating traditional science fiction fanzine fandom (also a good thing) in Canada (in terms of publications) and throughout the world (in terms of contributors).

Past issues of the award newsletter, The Fanactical Fanactivist, can be found at eFanzines.

Voting is done manually – mark the eligibility list below and e-mail the text to Cameron at — rgraeme(at)

Instructions and eligibility list follows the jump.

2015 FANED AWARDS BALLOT (for fanac in 2014)

To be presented at VCON 40 October 4th, 2015 by R. Graeme Cameron.

Anyone in the world who contributes to Canadian fanzines is eligible, and anyone in the world who reads Canadian fanzines may vote.

Please submit your vote by Sept 28th, 2015 to: R. Graeme Cameron

To vote: Please assign up to 6 (or fewer) numbers in order of preference as per example below:


Little Name Fan – 3

Big Name Fan – 2

Trufan – 1

Fugghead –

Mundane – 6

Fringe fan – 4

Gafiated fan – 5

(Point system applied. 1st choice = 6 points, 2nd choice = 5 points, etc.)

At the bottom of the ballot please give your name and, if you think I may not know you, list your most prominent fanac so I can be sure you are a fan.

2015 BEST ARTIST (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2014)

Melissa Mary Duncan –

Lynne-Taylor Fahnestalk –

Teddy Harvia –

Jean-Pierre Normand –

Jennifer Seely –

Taral Wayne –


(Note: Brad Foster not eligible because won last year)

2015 BEST WRITER (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2014)

Mark C. Ambrogio –

Josee Bellemare –

Michael J. Bertrand –

Keith Braithwaite –

Terry Brown –

R. Graeme Cameron –

Reinhardt Christiansen –

Jonathan Crowe –

Jennifer Dowker –

Mark Edlund –

Zvi Gilbert –

Hildegarde Henderson –

Doug McKay –

Simon McNeil –

Sandi Marie –

Marquise –

Dascha Paylor –

Lester Rainsford –

Dale Speirs –

Danny Sichel –

Barbara Silverman –

Ken Tapping –

Anthony Tirolese –

The Star Wolf –

Sylvain St. Pierre –

Tamara Vardomskaya –

Felicity Walker –

Carol Whitehead –

Neil Williams –

Rob Williams –


(Note: Taral Wayne not eligible because won last year.)

2015 BEST LOC WRITER (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2014)

Michael J. Bertrand –

Jason Burnett –

Sheryl Birkhead –

Ned Brooks –

Gregg Chamberlain –

Steve Davidson –

Doug Finnerty –

Brent Francis –

Chris Garcia –

Dave Haren –

William Earl Haskell –

Andrew Hooper –

Kim Huet –

Steve Jeffery –

Bob Jennings –

Ron Kasman –

Jerry Kaufman –

Robert Lichtman –

Rodney Leighton –

Barry Kent Mackay –

Jonathan McCalmont –

J.T. Major –

Mark Manning –

Tim Marion –

Eric Mayer –

Kathleen Moore –

Murray Moore –

Joseph Nicholas –

Bill Patterson –

Lloyd Penney –

Bill Plot –

Mark Plummer –

Kent Pollard –

John Purcell –

Dale Speirs –

Keith Soltys –

Milt Stevens –

Steve Stiles –

Jefferson P. Swycaffer –

R. Laurraine Tutahasi –

Taral Wayne –

Walt Wentz –

Neil Williams –

Richard A. Wright –


(Note: Brad Foster not eligible because won last year.)

2015 BEST CANADIAN FANZINE (circa 2014)

Auroran Lights –

BCSFAzine –

Ecdysis –

Impulse –

Opuntia –

OSFS Statement –

Rodney’s Fanac –

SideTrekked –

Space Cadet –

Swill –

Warp –


(Note: Broken Toys, editor Taral Wayne, not eligible because won last year}