W.O.O. F. Collation at Sasquan

W.O.O.F, the World Organization Of Faneditors, created by Bruce Pelz for the 1976 Worldcon, will hold its annual collation at Sasquan.

Andy Hooper has set the copy count at 73, and he will accept zines by mail up to the Monday before the convention (August 17).

There also will be a box for submissions during Sasquan at the Lost World Fanzine Lounge. Hooper plans to collate the distribution during the Hugo ceremony, also in the Lounge.

Adds Hooper, “I’ll be bringing large envelopes that can accommodate A4 sized pages, and will include odd-sized contributions without stapling them. Copies will available after the ceremony and throughout Sunday at the lounge, and copies for distant contributors will be mailed within a week of the convention’s end.”

Contact Andy Hooper at fanmailaph (at) aol (dot) com.