Walt Wentz Getting Better

Taral Wayne is pleased to report some encouraging fannish health news for a change —

My favourite proofreader, Walt Wentz, recently underwent surgery for a quadruple bypass. I first heard about it when his daughter, Amber, e-mailed me yesterday. She says he’s doing okay, and should be removed from IC into his own room, shortly. Hopefully, he’ll be up and around in about a month.

Whether or not he’ll have e-mail access before that, I can’t say. He may not until he’s home again.

While he was an associate editor of the magazine Ruralite, though, he early recognized the talents of Joshua Quagmire … who I believe turned down the offered work, and passed my name along to Walt. As a result, Walt and I worked together for several years. I not only sold him two articles but churned out around 75 black and white illustrations for other writers’ articles in Ruralite. It is my most solid claim to the status of professional artist!

Walt has read SF, and is in touch with a number of fans. He’s had a small number of items published in Drink Tank, eFanzines, and (most recently) Askance and Pulp Stories. “Zeppelin Terror” might appear any time now, in whatever fanzine it was I passed it on to… I forgot.

Walt is also single-handedly responsible for keeping my errant spelling and untrustworthy grammar in check. As such, he was almost certainly due 5% of the blame for the deluge of fanwriting I unleashed on fandom over the last few years.

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  1. Best wishes from a Hard-Boiled Dyke-tective fan. In the eternal hopes that someday he and Quagmire will finish the story.

  2. Odds of anyone hearing from Josh again are infinitesimal to nil, judging from what I hear from people who used to know him. But he does have a webpage!

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