Walton’s Tiptree Win Celebrated at Borderlands Books

Jo Walton in the purple haze at Borderlands Books.

Jo Walton in the purple haze at Borderlands Books.

When Jo Walton and Monica Byrne won 2014 Tiptree Awards for their novels, Walton was unable to attend the presentation at WisCon because she was serving as GoH at Balticon that weekend.

Everyone concerned agreed it would be quite convenient for Walton to be feted and receive her Tiptree goodies this past Sunday (August 9) in San Francisco at Borderlands Books.

Our correspondent Shambles was on hand to take photos and record the proceedings:

Jo got chocolate, fan art, cake (I could only take a picture of the crumbs) that was a mixture of two different kinds of cake, the audience sung a roundel with two different sets of verses simultaneously another nice nod to the book, a check with she used to buy her coat (a funny story) and help send some people to Worldcon, she got a hat pin rather than a tiara as she did not want anything so feminine (she had another term which I could not remember). The singing at the beginning was done by Sassafrass, a group which has a Kickstarter that ends in a few days.

It was a full seating with many standing behind me. I did not recognize all the names but I am new to fandom.

It was a fun time, I got some books for my sister who writes for fun. Jo’s nonfiction work of essays on books looked really good as well as the award winner.

Jo Walton has also posted an account on her LiveJournal.

The audience for Jo Walton at Borderlands Books.

The audience for Jo Walton at Borderlands Books.

10 thoughts on “Walton’s Tiptree Win Celebrated at Borderlands Books

  1. Delurking to say that I was there too and it was very lovely indeed! I probably saw more people there that I should’ve recognized, I may already know some of you here, I’m just really bad with faces.

  2. Btw, I think the phrase Walton used for the tiara (if worn without a hat) was “performative femininity”; however she did enjoy putting the tiara on over her hat, an innovation which made them decide to give her a mini-tiara hat pin afterward (the winners don’t normally get to keep the tiara).

  3. @Eli
    That was it ! I was writing in a bit of a rush, it could not spring to mind at the time. Thank you.

  4. Wish I’d been there – and that I had a shirt with “Russ & Butler & Tiptree & LeGuin” on it.

  5. I’m so glad My Real Children was recognized. I truly felt it was one of the best books that I have read in a long time. Congratulations to Jo Walton and Monica Byrne!

  6. Msb — the first thing I did after seeing that picture was to google the shirt. It’s advertised here, but alas, the link to purchase appears to be dead.

  7. The Russ & Butler & Tiptree & LeGuin t-shirt is one of my very very favorites. It was designed by the incomparable Skud. It doesn’t currently seem to be available at Skud’s link, so I am emailing to see if there is a way to get one of your own. Watch this space. (Skud also made an elegant tote bag, which I will also report on here when I hear back.)

  8. And I heard from Skud; their supplier shut down, and they haven’t found another one they like, so right now that shirt is a collector’s item. *sniff* Wish I could get one for each of you who wants one.

  9. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. Congratulations to Jo Walton!

  10. Jo Walton (and Ada & Lauren of Sassafrass) were at Mythcon 46 in Colorado, two weeks ago, and that was entirely wonderful (we were especially appreciating her poetry). I’m sure everyone present at Borderlands had a wonderful time.

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