Warner Holme Review: Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles

Lindt Lindor Truffles Assorted Dark Chocolate Truffles 19oz 

By Warner Holme: One of the few near universal loves in the world is chocolate. Lindt Lindor truffles are among the more well known “fancy” chocolates available with ganache style filling for the truffles. While the traditional red wrapped classic are perhaps the best known, they have a delightful assortment of dark chocolates available in a 19 oz assortment.

Three varieties come in this selection. The first is a standard dark chocolate, in a nice blue wrapper. It tastes quite good, as expected, with a smooth flavor that suits it quite well, and the inner creamy center matching quite well. It is lighter than many other dark chocolate flavor options, but definitely Tastes more like a dark and smoky flavor compared to the standard Lindt truffle. Arguably less of a dark chocolate and more a “not milk” chocolate variation.

The second is A 60% Extra dark chocolate in a black wrapper with a silver label. There is a stronger lingering flavor to them, particularly in regards to the shell. While enjoyable, it isn’t the exceptionally dark taste one might expect given the label.

Finally there is a 70% extra dark chocolate in a black wrapper with a gold colored label. There is a definite dark and lingering flavor to the outer shell of this one, strong and with just a hint of bite. The cream inside is still smooth and lighter, at least compared to the shell, but not enough to instantly wash away the darkness of the harder chocolate. Aficionados of proper darker chocolates will find this one of their favorites produced by the brand.

Probably the most impressive thing about each of these is that the bitterness that most darker chocolates start to include never seems to come in force.

None of these are safe for individuals with milk allergies, as milk is among the listed ingredients. A similar though lesser warning is given regarding tree nuts however they are a “may contain” rather than being “Ingredients” which might cause some with minor sensitivity to take the risk.

The use of the blue bag is a slightly interesting choice as violet does denote dark chocolate, but two out of three of the chocolates in the bag are wrapped in black instead.

About 45 of the truffles come in a bag with an expectation three can be a serving. This of course will depend on the self-control of the person eating, as many will go over this amount at any given time and occasionally someone will be able to manage eating only a single truffle. I would recommend againt eating them all at once, simply because a pound of almost anything can lead to some gastrointestinal issues.

If you like dark chocolate, there’s a good chance that this will be right in your wheelhouse. The fact it comes in individually wrapped portions is very nice for someone wishing to just eat a little, as it both allows for the rest to remain safe while also making a good shot at preventing handful eating. If someone thinks they would like this they should pick it up, enjoying it alone over a fair period of time or with friends and loved ones.


3 thoughts on “Warner Holme Review: Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles

  1. I used to love the Lindt bags o’ chocolate, but then realized I had a chocolate allergy. These days, I just paw lovingly at chocolate packages and buy good carob a half-dozen bags at a time.

    (In the cruelties of fate department, I’m also a celiac who’s allergic to coconut, which means that my all-time favorite dessert as a young adult—German chocolate cake—is trebly off the table. Alas.)

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