Waukegan Group Wants Bradbury Sculpture

There’s already a life-size likeness of Waukegan’s other favorite son, Jack Benny. But if a local group succeeds in its quest to honor Ray Bradbury with a sculpture they say it could look like anything from a typewriter to a firefighter.

“Bradbury should hold a place of honor in Waukegan because this is where he grew up and his passion for learning is an inspiration to the community,” said Richard Lee, executive director of the Waukegan Public Library and chair of the Ray Bradbury Statue Committee….

“We are looking for a way to make Bradbury live forever, like his character Mr. Electrico in ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes.’ We want to honor him in a big way,” Lee said.

The statute will be funded by charitable donations and sponsorships. How much could it cost? Ten years ago the Benny statue cost $55,000.

At least backers of the sculpture idea won’t have to fight Waukegan’s school board – earlier this year the board turned a deaf ear on the latest plea to name a school after Bradbury.

2 thoughts on “Waukegan Group Wants Bradbury Sculpture

  1. To honour Bradbury, shouldn’t the sculpture look like an autumn breeze dancing with the leaves on perfect Halloween night?

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