Westercon 68 Masquerade Results

By John Hertz:  The Westercon LXVIII Masquerade was held on Saturday, July 4, 2015, at the Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, California.

Masquerade Director

  • Sandy Manning

Master of Ceremonies

  • Tadao Tomomatsu


  • Joni Brill Dashoff
  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
  • John Hertz

Workmanship Judge

  • Janet Wilson Anderson (Guest of Honor at Costume-Con XXXIII, May 2015)

Novice Class

Best in Class

“Sailor Pluto” (Re-Creation), Alexandra Nash

also Complimentary Membership in Costume-Con XXXVI

Journeyman Class

Best Presentation

“Kitty”, Rebecca & Bruce Rowan

also Honorable Mention workmanship award for Creative Use of Household Materials

Master Class

Most Authentic

“Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom”, Dorothy O’Hare

also workmanship award for Most Compulsively Completist Blending of Cross-Genre Elements

Best Presentation

“The Last Hairbender”, Arabella & Tom Benson, Bridget Landry, Kate Morgenstern, Yuly Springer

also workmanship award for Best Combination of Materials, Design, and Color in the Service of a Hair-Raisingly Sick Pun

Also, a special workmanship award for Most Impressively Innovative Leather Design, Construction, and Detail, to Astral Chrysalis Designs (not in competition)

Note. Careful readers will infer from “Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom” (Master) not entering as a Re-Creation, and its workmanship award, but in the interests of clarity I report both characters were in 16th Century clothing, Iron Man in a ruff, Victoria (note spelling) Von Doom in full skirts wielding a two-handed sword.

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  1. Will there be photographs posted anywhere? There was no information on the Westercon site. Several members of MonSFFA are costumers, or keen fans of costumers, so we would love to be able to post links to photographs on our website.

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