Westercon 77 To Be Hosted by BayCon 2025

BayCon 2025, to be held July 4-7, 2025  at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California, will host Westercon 77, the 2025 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference.

BayCon 2025: A Convenient Parallel Dimension will have Guests of Honor, J.K. Woodward, Sasha Graham, Stacy Meyn, Tracy Newby, and Catherine Mary Stewart plus others. The theme highlights the Paranormal, Horror, and Supernatural in Speculative Fiction.

The Westercon Business Meeting of Westercon 75, held during the 2023 Loscon, established a committee charged to either find a committee to host Westercon 77 or to organize it themselves. After discussions with several individuals and groups about the matter, the “Caretaker Committee” selected BayCon to host Westercon 77.

Those persons who voted in the Westercon 77 Site Selection held at Westercon 75 will receive supporting memberships in Westercon 77/BayCon 2025, which will apply as a credit toward an attending membership in Westercon 77/BayCon 2025.

Memberships to Westercon 77/BayCon 2025 will be available at Westercon 76 at the Doubletree Hotel Salt Lake City Airport, July 4-7, 2024, and at BayCon 2024 at the Marriott Hotel, Santa Clara California, July 4-7, 2024. Additional information and online membership sales will be available at the BayCon convention website after the conclusion of BayCon 2024.

[Based on a press release. Thanks to Kevin Standlee for the story.]

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