What Are The Best Twilight Zone Episodes?

By Carl Slaughter: As ranked or discussed in the video essay Top 10 Best Twilight Zone episodes, by Watch Mojo.

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Time Enough at Last

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

Eye of the Beholder

To Serve Man

The Masks

The Hitch-hiker

It’s a Good Life

Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Living Doll

The Invaders

Walking Distance

The Howling Man

The Obsolete Man

Nick of Time

7 thoughts on “What Are The Best Twilight Zone Episodes?

  1. When my baby came home from the 6th grade, fifteen years ago. She asked me if I had every heard of a TV show called The Twilight Zone. It was a rare rainy day here in California and her teacher showed, The Monsters are due on Mable Street. during play time.

  2. A good list, but I’d put Five Characters In Search Of An Exit much higher, and replace The Hitchhiker with The Invaders. Agnes Moorehead was brilliant in that one.

  3. I know it’s not part of Twilight Zone’s reputation, but I enjoy some of the sentimental episodes like The Changing of the Guard and I Sing the Body Electric. If it were filmed better, you could add The Night of the Meek. It works better as a short story.

    The Brain Center at Whipple’s is still topical and it has an appearance by Robby the Robot.

  4. Mm-Rod S was and still is one of my TV SF heroes. For me, amongst those B+W TZ eps listed, Eye Of TB and Time Enough AL jointly head up my list with The Inv coming up 3rd.

  5. Pretty good list, but I’d add “The Invaders” too. Moorehead did an amazing job with a solo wordless script.

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