What You Learn
From the Latest Mr. Sci-Fi

Marc Scott Zicree’s new Mr. Sci-Fi videolog documents what our idea of really really insufferably cold weather is here in Los Angeles. Cold enough to make you want to wear a hat.

Yes, we whine and complain about temperatures that are not cold enough to keep students at my Ohio alma mater from donning bathing trunks and tanning themselves on the lawn.

Does that make it harder to believe Zicree when he “ruminates on how life is more and more like a science fiction reality, from cyber-attacks to Elon Musk to Blade Runner’s 2019 Los Angeles — only four years away!”?

Or is the idea that LA is going to hell in a handbasket so obviously true it cannot be undercut by an unreliable narrator?

2 thoughts on “What You Learn
From the Latest Mr. Sci-Fi

  1. The temp when I left the house this morning was 6, but upon reading this article, I checked again, and it’s dropped to 1; at least still a positive number, almost as cold as it was on the fateful day in Warsaw, when Fahrenheit invented his thermometer, those many years ago. As the sun pops up above the horizon, we should start seeing it rise.

    Whoops, I spoke too soon. It’s down to 0. Lucky I wore socks this morning.

  2. I was prepared to react with scorn, but he only reported that it was “an unusually cold day in Los Angeles”, which is probably factually correct. Last week was unusually warm in Jackson, New Hampshire, warm enough to rain, and with temperatures remaining above freezing until yesterday.

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