17 thoughts on “Where’s Santa?

  1. I love the painting. Thank you Mike for the wonderful job you’ve done throughout the year and for so many years now. I’m sure Sierra was a good girl and will be rewarded by Santa. Happy holidays!

  2. This is the point where I always remember the line from Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale about how Santa can be in many places at once.

  3. Santa is faster than technology, and his sleigh has a Heisenberg Uncertainty field.

    That’s why the reindeer. Reindeer just don’t know whether they’re a wave or a particle, and that drives the uncertainty.

  4. Strictly speaking that’s not a painting, it’s a Photoshopping of an existing painting.

    Reasonably well done, though. It would be fun as an actual painting.

  5. Wonderful Father Christmas.

    As for Santa, the sleigh has to be bigger on the inside which leads to theories of TARDIS and Time Lords.

  6. I think Santa may also be a Heisenberg uncertainty. You can know when or where he is, but not both at once.

  7. Well, time zones are very fluid when it comes to File 770, but the bells of Rochester Cathedral have just tolled for the service to begin, so I must send you my good wishes slightly earlier than midnight. Like Tasha I love the Santa Mike picture, and I echo her thanks for making the year brighter!

    There’s someting rather strange about discussing Heisenberg uncertainty with a cat 🙂

  8. Well, it’s Xmas morning here, so seasons greetings to all y’all.

    The double detection is easily explained. Clearly Santa is a franchise, and a couple of the franchisees failed to check their stealth generators prior to launch.

  9. Aleppo? Poor, poor Santa. It was such a nice city with a fantastic market. For you Cthulhu enthusiasts, there was also a temple to Dagon just an hour outside. The Citadell in the middle of the city had just been renovated.

    And then the war. A destroyed city. If there is a place on earth that really needs a visit by Santa, it is Aleppo.

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