Who Will Judge Kramer’s Lawsuit?

All ten Gwinnett County (Ga.) superior court judges have recused themselves from handling Ed Kramer’s lawsuit challenging his December 2013 guilty plea on child molestation charges. A judge from outside the county will be appointed to the case.

The last two judges recused themselves in January. Their joint filing said that they “find no evidence or implication of any improper relationship existing Superior Court Bench and the District Attorney’s Office” but they were recusing themselves to “avoid any appearance of impropriety.”

Kramer’s current attorney, Stephen Reba, claimed in court documents that the guilty plea was ill-gotten. He alleges District Attorney Danny Porter and Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Karen Beyers colluded to re-open Kramer’s case when it had been effectively closed in 2009 after a hearing on issues surrounding Kramer’s health, and gave Kramer the authority to decide when he was healthy enough to go to trial. Reba also claims Beyers and Porter did not provide medical accommodations that would have allowed Kramer to stand trial, forcing Kramer to enter an Alford plea, a type of guilty plea under which a defendant is allowed to maintain innocence

After pleading guilty in 2013, Dragon*Con co-founder Kramer was sentenced to 34 months under house arrest.

Kramer’s attorney already has succeeded in getting DA Porter disqualified from handling Kramer’s habeas corpus petition because he may be called as a witness in any related hearings.

[Thanks to Nancy Collins for the story.]

1 thought on “Who Will Judge Kramer’s Lawsuit?

  1. Will my family ever see justice??? My children were put through Hell, from this monster. He did it to my sons and other people’s sons. My two and the other young man who waited for more than a decade to see justice. They were children in 2000 when he was arrested. I am very proud of all 3 of them. He did these terrible acts on other children, whom were scared embarrassed to come forward until it was to late, do to the statute of limitations.

    These three young men wanted to see it to the end. They are all well standing citizens. Have served in our military, have fought in Iraqi Freedom. Three different branches of our military.

    Shame on our justice system. These young men are being victimized over and over again. They are now almost 30 years old. This will not end until Kramer is no longer on this earth. This is not a threat. Just a fact. Because he likes to play victim, he thrives on the attention. I am a good Christian woman. The Lord says that I should forgive, but it is truly difficult when we can’t put it behind us.

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