William C. Martin (1924-2014)

William C. Martin

William C. Martin

By John L. Coker III: First Fandom member William C. Martin passed away on June 22, 2014.

William Culbertson Martin, Ph.D., born 1924, was a World War II veteran, respected sociology professor, book collector, active member of the Democratic Party and a passionate advocate of civil and human rights. He not only led an extraordinary life but also touched and inspired many people across generations. Bill Martin was fondly known as “Atlanta’s own Forry Ackerman” due to his fantastic collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror books and space toys.

Dr. Martin was a living time capsule of information about the history of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  He was a member of First Fandom and the Science Fiction Research Association. Bill first became a member of a fan club around 1934. His pulp magazine collection went back to the first issue of Amazing Stories, and his book collection contained most important SF books published 1890-1960, as well as most major books published since.

An original Buck Rogers Solar Scout in the 1930s “Golden Age” of SF, he was excited to be the special guest at the Spook Show’s presentation of the 1939 classic Buck Rogers in the 25th Century serial during the Plaza Theatre’s 70th anniversary celebration and received a standing ovation after sharing his memories.

He taught Honor Seminars in SF at Georgia State University and penned numerous professional papers on the development of science fiction as the Literature of the 20th Century.

[Summarized from the 2007 Dragon*Con Program Book, and the Martin Family.]

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