WisCon Releases Statement
on 2014 Co-Chair Evans

WisCon has announced that “in response to member concerns” 2011 and 2014 co-chair Piglet Evans will not be handling harassment reports in any committee position she may hold in the future, nor will she serve in any of the convention’s Safety positions. (See “Piglet recuses herself from harassment process”.)

As if to allay skeptics, they added: “We further guarantee that she will be held to this.”

In recent months WisCon and its parent organization SF3 have issued a series of apologies about mishandling two harassment complaints. Piglet Evans was a point of contact for at least one of these complaints (screencap at Radish Reviews).

3 thoughts on “WisCon Releases Statement
on 2014 Co-Chair Evans

  1. Back when I first got into Fandom (c. 1958) there was quite a lot of bullshit going on. This continued thorough the time I was active, and apparently is about as persistent today. Pluis ca change….

    My own Attitude is that Fandom ought to be _Interesting_. if you insist on “Comfortable”, maybe you ought to go elsewhere.

  2. I’ve been to a ‘safe space’ convention in the UK Nineworlds. I thought it worked brilliantly and brought out a lot of fans who have difficulty with some of the more ‘interesting’ aspects of traditional cons.

    I don’t think every single con should run like this but in general the more styles of con there are the better.

  3. I get the definite impression that things are a far cry than they were in 1977 when promotional flyers for WisCon said to “bring your own Sin.”

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