Women in Sci-Fi Storybundle Available

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has organized a Women in Sci-Fi Storybundle. Pay what you like and get five books. Pay more than $15 and unlock five more books.

Rusch is justly proud –

The women writers in this bundle have written or worked in science fiction for a cumulative 240 years. They have written every kind of sf, from space opera to hard science fiction. They’re all award nominees. Some of them are award winners. They’ve written dozens of bestselling novels. Many of the women in this bundle have written Star Trek tie-in novels. Others have written for popular games. And of course, we’ve written in their own universes. They’re here to share their universes with you.

“I am kinda awed by all of the company,” says participating author Cat Rambo, “and love the fact that Mike Resnick is included in the bundle. He’s been a bit droll about it.” (Resnick and Janis Ian co-edited an anthology in the bundle.)

The five works everybody gets in the bundle are

  • The Phoenix Code by Catherine Asaro
  • Crossfire by Nancy Kress
  • Memory by Linda Nagata
  • Near + Far by Cat Rambo
  • Recovering Apollo 8 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The five bonus books are –

  • Strong Arm Tactics by Jody Lynn Nye
  • Starfarers by Vonda N. McIntyre
  • The Diving Bundle by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Forgotten Suns by Judith Tarr
  • Stars – The Anthology by Janis Ian and Mike Resnick

There’s no DRM on any of the books.

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7 thoughts on “Women in Sci-Fi Storybundle Available

  1. Oh hells yes.

    I have heard good things about KKR’s Diving books from Elitist Book Reviews.

  2. Got it yesterday with the tiny stash remaining in PayPal after getting the A/C which lets me breathe in this heat. Seemed the right order to do it in. 😉

  3. about half way through Forgotten Suns and its quite enjoyable. I don’t recall reading Cat Rambo in the past so that will be up next. Its well worth the money.

  4. Bought it yesterday, based on how much I am enjoying Forgotton Suns. I am very much looking forward to reading all these, but my pile of TBR is turning from hill to mountain!

  5. File770 is proving to be pretty dangerous to my bank balance and to my TBR pile.

    This is tempting.

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