WOOF at Chicon 8

By Chris Garcia: Dearly beloved, it is my charmed duty to announce that yes, there will be a WOOF at Chicon 8 – The Ocho!

What’s WOOF, you ask? 

WOOF is the WorldCon Order of Faneds, an amateur press association (APA for short) that allows folks to put together a contribution and then it goes and gets collated with all the other contributions and made into a thing that every contributor gets! 

This year, we’re doing it two ways – first, we’re doing a print-version that will be given to contributors. If you’ve got a contribution for it, make 25 copies and you can send it to –

c/o Nigel Rowe
431 S Dearborn #906
Chicago, IL 60606

We’ll need mail-in ones by August 29. Or, you could send your contribution to us via eMail and we can print it. A fee applies to that, drop a line to [email protected] for details. 

We’ll be collating WOOF on Sunday morning, September 4, at 11:00 a.m. in the fanzine lounge! Stop by; Chris will have had several cups of coffee. 


We’re doing eWOOF, a PDF-based version that will have stuff from the print edition, and if anyone wants to send in something just for use in the eZine version, let us know. This will be available online after the con. 

So yes, there will be a WOOF!

10 thoughts on “WOOF at Chicon 8

  1. Question: what kind of tribs? I was in the Terrean for many years, which was a letter APA. My late wife was in ApaD, which was a fiction APA.

    What do you want?

  2. If there is a Woof, shouldn’t there also be a Meow? Seems only equitable. Grin

  3. I’ll be there. Probably e-mailed for the print edition, which I understand will also run in the digital edition. Now, what to call my zine? I already used my best title when I wrote GLOBS OF SNOT for your first WOOF …. hmm … OK if I also send in a ZINE DUMP?

  4. Not going to be at Chicon, alas. Mostly because of medical-related reasons for both Nicki and me. My intention is to do a zine for WOOF, though at this point I’m not sure if it will be hardcopy or PDF.

    And with that, I pass on the baton as WOOF OE. Look forward to seeing it.

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  6. Yes, there’s a fanzine* lounge — I’m in charge, with Nigel Rowe and España Sheriff as my seconds, and as you see Chris Garcia as WOOF OE. We’ll be in the exhibit hall, next to Fanac (not an accident) and near the 1946 project and Worldcon history, and not that far from the fan tables. We’re hoping to be a great (masked) place for people of the fanzine persuasion to hang out. Look for the moose and crossbones.

    *I am using the word fanzine here very liberally to mean ‘all the things that fans create primarily for the benefit of fellow fans’ and the lounge is for all the people who want to meet other creators of that kind. We will have the wherewithal to make, display and share fanzines, and we will have a space suitable for some silly fannish activities.

    I’m planning to do a contribution (paper and pdf) for WOOF, can you put me on the list though I’m wickedly going to print it off on the fanzine lounge’s printer during MIMO.

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