WOOFers, Embark

By John Hertz:  WOOF, the Worldcon Order Of Faneditors, is an amateur publishing association with collating and distribution at the World Science Fiction Convention, founded 1976.

You can see more about WOOF here, here, here, and here.

This year’s Official Editor is Kees van Toorn (rhymes with “haze” and “born”) of the Netherlands, who among much else chaired the 48th Worldcon at the Hague.  This year’s Worldcon, Dublin 2019. will be held August 15-19 at and near the Convention Centre Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Get contributions by E-mail or paper mail to the OE by August 17th.  E-mail address keesvan [dot] toorn [at] hccnet [dot] nl; paper-mail address Postbus 3411, NL 3003 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands.  At the con, bring printed matter or USB sticks to the Private Party room (Stratocaster A), Gibson Hotel, on August 18th from 14:00 to 15:00.  For paper contributions, the copy count is 50 (i.e. 50 identical copies), A4 paper (or compatible).

Collation and distribution is currently planned for August 20th (i.e. after the con – and you’re right, off-site).  Please remember to include your name and the electronic or paper-mail address where your copy of the distribution should be sent.

Arrangements will be available for those wishing a copy of the distribution on paper; for example, Van Toorn can accept PayPal, or $US checks.  So far, several color contributions have arrived; let the OE know whether you want color or monochrome.  The cost of printing and mailing will emerge in due course.  At the moment it looks as if this will be done from Germany.

The cover will be by Sue Mason. 

Woo hoo!

Illustration by Sue Mason

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