World Fantasy Convention 2021 in Montreal

World Fantasy ConventionSM 2021 will be held in Montreal, Canada from November 4–7 at the Hotel Montreal Bonaventure.

The information is on the World Fantasy Convention site.

So far as I can tell I haven’t reported it here before, although the awarding of the right to host the convention was apparently made some time ago – MONSFFA, the Montreal club, posted the news in May.

7 thoughts on “World Fantasy Convention 2021 in Montreal

  1. Montreal is a lovely city, as judging from my recent trip. November will be mostly late for something like the Botanic Gardens, but there is plenty more to see there.

  2. Montreal was awarded the right to host the 2021 convention last year in San Antonio. They won’t have a web presence until 2 years out, since that is the earliest they can sell memberships. As for the discrepancy in the dates, I’m pretty sure the November 4-7 dates are correct, but I’m confirming with Diane Lacey and will make sure the World Fantasy website gets updated to correct the discrepancy.

  3. So…. by 2021 will I feel comfortable going to WFC after the last few controversies? Because Montreal is reportedly beautiful and a place I want to visit properly (I’ve been within a half hour’s drive of city limits, and inside the airport, neither of which quite counts), and my husband has a very close friend living there.

    If no new controversy pops up between then and now, then maybe this can stay on my radar as an opportunity.

  4. Lenora Rose: So…. by 2021 will I feel comfortable going to WFC after the last few controversies?

    You’ll want to decide after you see the committee list — which I haven’t seen yet.

  5. The exhibit space there was one of the venues for my never-realized Montreal in ’77 Worldcon bid.

    There were, back then—and might still be—streams and koi ponds on the top of the building.

  6. The dates of November 4th to 7th, 2021 are correct. As Renee says, we don’t have a web presence this far out.

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