Worldcon 75 Masquerade Winners

The Worldcon 75 Masquerade award winners were announced in a series of tweets, which is the source of the following text.

The Masquerade was co-directed by Debi Chowdhury and Christine Doyle. Masquerade photographer was Lincoln Peters.

  • The Best in Show at Worldcon 75 is Olivia Flockhart – competing in the Novice category instead of Child at her first Worldcon. Entry Name: “When Halley came to Jackson in 1910,” Entry No. 1, Olivia Flockhart with Ian Flockhart.
  • Best Workmanship: Leena Peippo
  • Best Overall Effect to Rachelle Hrubetz, Most Excess to Anna Davenport. Best in Open Category: Miki Dennis
  • Open category: Best Prop goes to Anna Davenport, Best Performance to Rachelle Hrubetz, Use of Materials to Ronja Valasma
  • Best Novice goes to Lassi Aalto
  • Novice Award for Spit and Polish goes to Teemu Lähteenmäki: Novice Best Likeness goes to Kerttu Vähänen
  • Novice awards go to Kanerva Tuominen, Mika Sarjanen for Best Inflation, Johanna Mustapää and Leena Peippo
  • First Workmanship award: Olivia Flockhart for Sparkliest Outfit
  • Workmanship award: Lassi Aalto for Best Prop
  • Workmanship award for the Novice class: Salla Juva for Most Complete Headdress
  • Final Workmanship award in the Novice class: Suvi Kauppila

The convention also tweeted the entries, many with photos. (Note: I did not find a tweet for Entry No. 2.)

The masquerade video is online.

The con subsequently posted this formal list of award winners.

Masquerade Award Winners, Worldcon 75


Best in Show:
#8, “Dwalin the Dwarf (from The Hobbit)”
Leena Pieppo

Best in Class, Open:
#13 “Tuonetar”
Michelle “Miki” Dennis

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Sparkliest
#1 “When Halley Came to Jackson in 1910”
Olivia Flockhart

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Best Prop
#20 “Skeletor”
Lassi Aalto

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Best Headdress
#12, “Mountain Witch”
Salla Juva

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Most Magical Accessories
#24, “Jarlaxe Baenre”
Suvi Kauppila

Honorable Mention, Open, for Best Sword
#16, “A Lonely Crow”
Rachelle Hrubetz

Honorable Mention, Open, for Best Prop
#9, “Louhi and the Sampo”
Anne Davenport

Honorable Mention, Open, for Use of Multiple Crafts
#22, “Milli Menninkäinen”
Ronja Valasma


Best in Show:
#1 “When Halley Came to Jackson in 1910”
Olivia Flockhart & Ian Flockhart

Best in Class, Open:
#13 “Tuonetar”
Michelle “Miki” Dennis

Best in Class, Novice:
#20 “Laku”
Lassi Aarto

Best Recreation:
#21, “Doctor Strange”
Kerttu Vähänen

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Elegance of Presentation
#14, “Mielikki”
Kanerva Tuominen

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Proper Inflation
#6, “The Hero of Superheroes”
Mika Sarjanen

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Use of Textiles
#4, “Farrignian Noble Court Robes”
Johanna Mustapää

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Faithfulness to Source Material
#8, “Dwalin the Dwarf (from The Hobbit)”
Leena Pieppo

Honorable Mention, Novice, for Spit & Polish
#10, “Cylon Centurion from Battlestar Gallactica”
Teemu Lähteenmäki

Honorable Mention, Open, for The only appropriate punishment is an award for Excess
#9, “Louhi and the Sampo”
Anne Davenport

Honorable Mention, Open, for Overall Elegance and Effect (aka “Black on black isn’t always black”)
#16, “A Lonely Crow”
Rachelle Hrubetz

5 thoughts on “Worldcon 75 Masquerade Winners

  1. There was no entry number two, for reasons never explained to the audience. I assume someone had to drop out at the very last minute.

    It was a good show! Having only 25 entries kept things from dragging on, transitions were quick aside from a long pause between 1 and 3 while they tried to figure out whether 2 was coming or not, and the costumes were inventive and intricate. I missed all the Finnish mythology panels I meant to attend, so it was cool to at least get to see some Finnish-mythology inspired costuming.

    Sassafras did a great halftime entertainment show, too. That hall has excellent acoustics.

  2. Informed sources tell me that Entry #2 was entitled “Miss Zarves.”

    There is no entry #2. There is no Miss Zarves. The builder said he was very sorry.

  3. Sassafras were magnificent! I was watching via YouTube and there was a long delay in finalising the judging, so they kept singing way beyond their prepared set. Wonderful music, and wonderful performance.

  4. BTW I went to a panel where some of the Masquerade entrants got to explain some of the work behind the costumes. I’m not a costumer/cosplayer (just hoped to snap a few pix, and I did get a few), but it was interesting. Unfortunately, 45 minutes wasn’t enough time for more than a few people to show & tell. Still, it was nifty. 🙂

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