Worldcon 75 Membership Statistics

The 2017 Worldcon has gained 838 members since its last report in January, almost 90% them buying attending memberships. The latest figures come from Progress Report #4, released last week.

The current totals are:

4,052     Attending members (all classes except supporting)
2,080     Supporting
6,132     Total memberships

The convention now has members in 55 countries. With 6,132 members, Worldcon 75 is already the fourth-largest outside North America, and larger than four of the past 10 Worldcons anywhere, and presumably will continue to grow.

17 thoughts on “Worldcon 75 Membership Statistics

  1. I think the discount for newbie worldcon members is really drawing in a lot of people who have not been worldcon regulars. I’m impressed. I hope a bunch of those will enjoy it so much they keep attending when they can. It’s smart marketing.

  2. One interesting stat I heard at Eastercon is that Helsinki has more attending members from China than from Ireland (50 – 45, I believe).

  3. Ooooh, I noticed George Perez is a guest!! o.O I will bring ALL my comics to get them signed. He will have nothing else to do at the convention.

  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to pass on Worldcon memberships to people who might not otherwise be able to go? We have 2 adult and 1 child membership (we got in really early) but now can’t attend.

  5. SamJ, yes, I know in previous years this was possible and I see no reason to believe Helsinki would change that. I don’t personally know the process, however I’m sure someone will jump in and tell you how to do it. Are you looking for people to sell/give them to, or do you already have people in mind?

  6. Ninja’d by Cassy B! The FAQ here says

    Your membership is personal, but it is possible to transfer your membership (of any kind) to another person. Please contact us at if you wish to do this. The type of membership will be retained – child membership for children only, etc.

    I believe you have to find the transferee yourself though.

  7. Thanks both. I don’t have someone specific in mind – so I may try and find a way to donate to one of the con charities?

  8. JJ: Thanks for including the correct link. Which is what I thought I had put in the article. It’s always an education to discover that my computer has a different idea of what I’m copying than I do. Looks like the first link was pointing to the copy of the PR open on my screen, rather than the source of the document on the website.

  9. @Hampus Eckerman, Worldcon 75 does not have Perez as a guest; that’s NorthAmeriCon 17, the Puerto Rico NASFiC. It’s July 6 – 9.

  10. SamJ – the one I know is Con or Bust, which helps people of color to attend cons. This page includes instructions on donating memberships;

    Con or Bust

  11. Lisa Hertel: @Hampus Eckerman, Worldcon 75 does not have Perez as a guest; that’s NorthAmeriCon 17, the Puerto Rico NASFiC. It’s July 6 – 9.

    Oops! Start emptying the lorry….

  12. I wish I had the bucks to go to San Juan.

    Also, so much for the “waily waily, Worldcon is dying!” crowd.

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