Worldcon 76 Update from Mike Glyer

I would like to let you all know that I was taken to the hospital this morning after experiencing a bad episode of dizziness. They have run some tests and given me some medication, and I am feeling much better, but they have told me that they will be keeping me in the hospital overnight for observation.

Please do not worry about me. I will keep you updated as I find out more. I would like to thank the people who assisted me this morning, including Steven H Silver and Helen Montgomery.

Those of you who are at Worldcon 76, please continue to attend events, have fun, and post updates. And as always, comments from everyone else in the community are welcomed.

[statement provided by Mike Glyer from the hospital]

128 thoughts on “Worldcon 76 Update from Mike Glyer

  1. Sorry to hear this, Mike, but under the circumstances the hospital is the best place for you.

    (Now here’s to hoping that the Hugo streaming works)

  2. About once every two years or so, usually when I’m overly hot or stressed, a good strong bout of vertigo will whomp the hell out of me without a minutes warning, leaving me flattened and ill for a couple of days. So far, it’s always happened close to home. You have my sincere sympathies, especially having to deal with it in a strange place. So glad you have friends with you, and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh, not good, but I’m glad you’re at the hospital and feeling better. Hope you are feeling even better and released soon!

  4. Mike, if they don’t identify a cause, please ask them about the Epley Manuever. My roommate had a run of bad vertigo that turned out to be caused by misaligned crystals in the inner ear. The Epley maneuver fixed her up (after suffering for months). Now that we know about it, we do it any time she has vertigo. If it doesn’t fix the problem, she knows to call her doctor. So far, it’s worked every time.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I’m sorry to hear that Mike. I hope you’re feeling better and back on your feet soon.

  6. Ouch! I didn’t know until Gavin told me aside during the Hugo ceremony. Healthify soonest! And congratulations on completing your rocket collection. Oh, and that information I promised you? I sent it in email, wink wink.

  7. Mike, we’ve never met or even really corresponded, but from reading File 770 over the years, I think of you as a pal. Sorry to hear you’re laid up. Be well.

  8. Best wishes on a speedy recovery, Mike. The speech you wrote for your last Hugo Award win was fantastic. Announcing your permanent recusal tonight from two categories was both wonderfully theatrical and classy. I’m proud to be one of the regulars here.

  9. Be well, good sir. As a local yokel, I would be glad to take care of local logistical matters for you, if it is convenient for you. My cellular number again: (650) 283-7902.

  10. Take care. You have the good wishes of so many already, but let me add mine to the pile.

  11. I was out of the loop yesterday and didn’t know until watching the Hugo feed. Finally had the chance today to come here and extend my best wishes for a quick recovery, and my hearty congratulations on the fresh Hugo. Feel better!

  12. Feel better! Without OGH, we’ll be forced to wander the web like strange filking nomads, plaintively crying “Godstaaaalk!” into the void.

  13. I hope all is going well, Mike.

    And congratulations on your win, [That was a bottle of champagne when it left me.]

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