Worldcon, NASFiC Bidder FAQs Posted

LoneStarCon 3 has posted the responses of all 2014 NASFiC and 2015 Worldcon Site Selection bidders to a standard set of Fannish Inquisition type questions here.

Or you can go directly to the PDF documents.

2015 Worldcon Bidder FAQs

2014 NASFiC Bidder FAQs

4 thoughts on “Worldcon, NASFiC Bidder FAQs Posted

  1. The “What are the proposed dates for which you are bidding?” question is missing from the Helsinki document. The answer, per the Helsinki website, is
    Thursday 6 August – Monday 10 August 2015.

    (I’ve notified the Lonestarcon and Helsinki committees of this omission)

  2. Good catch! And now that I’ve had a night’s sleep I have caught a remarkable number of copyediting mistakes in this post. Gaak.

  3. Helsinki: August 6-9
    Spokane: August 19-23
    Orlando: September 3-7

    Why not have them all! A traveling WorldCon that lasts a month! Fannish to the Nth Degree!

    (Followed by All Fandom At Bankruptcy Court . . .)

  4. And a NASFiC, too! (Since the rule is that we have one any year that Worldcon is outside North America– nothing in there about years where it’s both inside and outside NA.)

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