Worldcon Videos Coming

You may get to see the Hugo Award broadcast after all — on disc.

DVDs of the LoneStarCon 3 Masquerade and Hugo Awards Ceremony will be available according to the daily newzine. Contact

It’s anticipated the discs will be ready in late October. If there is sufficient demand, there may be an HD video in Blu-ray, too.

Syd Weinstein’s DVD’s are produced with the authority of the convention and the cooperation of Techno-Fandom. Most discs are fulfilled by CreateSpace, an Amazon Company, and sold at breakeven prices.

3 thoughts on “Worldcon Videos Coming

  1. There’s also an official post at stating that the complete video will be uploaded to Ustream. ETA of a week or two.

    Syd has a humongous volume of video data to work through. Something about a vendor giving the con a free equipment upgrade. Having visited TVland behind the scenes, the final product is going to be gorgeous.

  2. The Hugo’s were indeed updated by myself and sent to Ustream, there is a post for this on file 770 and on the LoneStarCon 3 website. This is actually a ‘corrected’ copy with, hopefully, the typo’s in the titles fixed, as well as a few glitches in the production.

    Further editing has produced the DVD and Blu-Ray version of the Hugo Awards, available on the site as listed above. Work now starts on the Masquerade.

    And yes, it was over 2 TB of data to go through, in High Definition, to produce the shows. (Hugos and Masquerade).

    Syd Weinstein
    Video Designer, LoneStarCon 3

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