X-tra Innings

Professor X is not dead yet! He’s feeling better! (But he’s feeling it in another timeline…)

That’s the takeaway from director Bryan Singer’s announcement that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will reprise their roles as Magneto and Prof. X in X-Men: Days of Future Past. And they’ll be joined by X-Men: First Class stars Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and James McAvoy as Prof. X.

EW.com’s Adam B. Vary explains:

For the geek uninitiated, “Days of Future Past” is also the title of an X-Men comic book storyline from 1981, which alternated between a dystopian future in which mutants are living in internment camps, and the present day mutants working to prevent that future from happening. With this casting news, Singer has all but confirmed that the next X-Men film will reconstitute that storyline a bit, making the Fassbender/McAvoy mutants in the go-go 1960s the “present day” storyline, and the McKellen/Stewart mutants in the early 21st century the ones trapped in a bleak alternate future. This is likely a way back to the series for Stewart, given that his Prof. X was (more or less) killed off in 2006?s X-Men: The Last Stand.

You know, once we throw open the doors to the alternate timeline thing why shouldn’t fans get what they really want, Prof. X and Magneto onscreen chewing the scenery together with Gandalf and Jean-Luc Picard…

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

2 thoughts on “X-tra Innings

  1. Clearly what we face is the $15 comic book — you go to the theater and sit in the dark for 120 minutes *watching* Spider Man 198 or Mighty Thor 91 instead of reading it at home as nature intended you to enjoy comic books. Even the junk food costs more when you buy it at the “snack bar!”

  2. U saw THE AVENGERS flick. For my family I paid out more than $15.00 for a well done action film with the depth of a comic book, Beyond Biff! Bam! and Pow!, there wasn’t much substance.

    Of course, The Fandom Menace will award it a Hugo.

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