YA Award Passes

The proposed YA Award (unnamed) passed 65-27 at the Worldcon 75 business meeting on August 11.

A motion to name the YA Award the “Lodestar” also passed, subject to ratification next year.

However, there was also a ruling that the name cannot be retroactive. So for the first year it will run as simply the YA Award.

Coverage of the business meeting debates can be found on Alex Acks’ blog, and a concise summary of today’s progress through the agenda has been reported by Kevin Standlee.

11 thoughts on “YA Award Passes

  1. Now they have to design a physical award. Wondering who’ll be responsible for that.

    Tell me the design will NOT be based on some concept of a lodestar, even if that is not its official name the first year. I can’t imagine anybody wanting to go through the agita of a design contest twice, no matter how much fun it might be.

  2. I was looking forward to the Tessaract, if, for no other reason the creativity that could be applied to the award trophy.

  3. I mentioned the proposed name to my Young Adult reader. She looked at me quizzically and asked “What’s a lodestar?” I told her it was a star used for navigation and she decided it was a dumb name.

  4. @Steven H Silver: Well, it’s an award for YA books – not a YA award for books. 😛

    The wasted time about the naming and whether it should have a fancy pants name before being ever awarded was just silly, IMHO. Oh well, at least we’re past that now. 🙂

  5. The Worldcon 75 YouTube channel also has video of the business meetings.

    (Kinda wondering why the live streaming of this and other panels worked, but not the Hugo ceremony. I thought they’d be fine with all the practice they had. Oh well.)

  6. Steven H Silver: Tesseract is a long-running Canadian anthology series, not an award. The concerns was that the award would appear connected to the series.

    Ah, thanks. As someone for whom l’Engle was possibly my first SF, I remember having read that there was a good reason for eliminating that as a name, but I was too exhausted right now to go hunt down the report. 🙂

  7. Laura: Kinda wondering why the live streaming of [the WSFS Business Meetings] and other panels worked, but not the Hugo ceremony.

    It’s my understanding that all of the livestreamed panels, as well as the business meetings, are taking place in Room 208. They’ve got the setup there and just left it in place. The Hugos took place in Hall 1, and would have required a new setup there.

  8. JJ: Ah, thanks for the info.

    ETA: Looks like they got it sorted today for the Masquerade in Hall 1.

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