Yolen Boycotts Texas, Florida

Jane Yolen announced to her Facebook followers on July 14 that she will no longer travel to Texas and Florida, as a protest against certain laws enacted there:

Until Texas repeals its recent misogynistic laws and Florida repeals it’s “Stand Your Ground” laws, I will not be accepting speaking or signing engagements in those states. I have friends and relatives in both states, but will not be visiting.

Sorry, but it is long past time to stand OUR ground, the humanistic and humane ground on which this country was built or at least where it should be headed.

This is the 21st century folks. Act like it!

Since Yolen was not announced as a program participant by the 2013 Worldcon in San Antonio, Texas, this represents no immediate change in her attendance plans. It remains to be seen whether others will adopt her stance.

7 thoughts on “Yolen Boycotts Texas, Florida

  1. I understand and share the anger, but I can’t see how this accomplishes anything other than disappoint her fans in those places, who are very likely to share or sympathize with her views. Saying “I’m not setting foot there until you people sort out your state” does absolutely nothing to advance the causes she supports. Worse, it suggests there’s some kind of monolithic state attitude that all residents have in common. What WOULD help a lot more is going out of her way to visit those two states and do fundraising events, auctions, book signing appearances, whatever it takes to raise money going to support pro-choice groups in Texas and repeal of Stand Your Ground in Florida.

  2. She could go, but stay in an RV and refuse to spend any money in the state.

  3. You won’t hurt the economy or the legislators of Florida until you convince all the Canucks who retire to that state in their Golden years to go and bake themseles somewhere else. As a Canadian of the highest water, I will take the first step by solemnly swearing never to retire to the alligator and orange state until they 1) repeal their “shoot first and ask for their ID second” law, 2) apologize sincerely for rigging the presidential elections of George Bush Jr. and 3) promise not to let Jeb run.

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