Your Instant MidAmeriCon II Progress Report

A mini-report of progress being made by the MidAmeriCon II committee.

  • The online Hugo nominations will open soon.

  • Hurry up if you’re entering the Hugo base design contest.

  • The Worldcon hotel room reservation system is being given an in-house trial.

7 thoughts on “Your Instant MidAmeriCon II Progress Report

  1. snowcrash: Aaargh! When do nominations close again?

    They usually open mid-January and close mid-March.

  2. If nominations work like voting the cool thing is you can put in preliminary information and update as needed right up until the last minute. I find this very useful as I can be sure I’ve done something. If I can’t get in during the last hours due to overloaded system I can live with what I’ve done. It’s more than nothing.

  3. perhaps when nominations open our gracious host will set up some threads on each category, and people can post recommendations? I’d find it very useful to have a last look around at some recommended works before finalising my nominations ballot (and equally there may be some things I could recommend that others would find interesting)

  4. > “The online Hugo nominations will open soon.”


  5. @Ray:

    I am certainly all for recommendation threads here, but in addition to that, let me push my Hugo Recommendation Season blog where I am trying to have a “focus week” on each category and collect recommendations. It has been a little up and down, but I have managed to collect some really interesting recommendations, and it is still going.

    This week, I am collecting Best Fan Artist recommendations, and next week is Best Novel (which I’m sure there are a few opinions on). I would appreciate any recommendations anyone wants to make!

    And here is the full schedule (which has been modified a few times and we are still behind on – it’s been a learning experience in this first year).

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