Another One

By John Hertz:  Ctein told me at Worldcon 76 (incidentally, his name is pronounced “k’TINE”) he’d read my note here about his story “Bubble and Squeak” with Davd Gerrold.

I’d ended “It isn’t news for David Gerrold to publish science fiction.  It’s still news for Ctein.”

He said “It isn’t science fiction.”

I turned to Nolly and the rest.  “I’ve had two disagreements with Ctein,” I said.  “When he wrote Saturn Run with John Sandford, I thought it was Hugo-worthy.  He said ‘Naah.’  Now he says ‘Bubble and Squeak’ isn’t science fiction.”

So Ctein said “Now we can never speak again.”

I cried ”That’s three disagreements!”

Ctein cracked up.

Then I suddenly remembered I had to be somewhere else.

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