The Compleat Litter of Puppy Roundup Titles

Here is a list of all the titles used in the Hugo roundup series.

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42 thoughts on “The Compleat Litter of Puppy Roundup Titles

  1. I’m still waiting for: “And they called it ‘Puppy Love'”–but I guess the problem is, maybe they didn’t . . .

  2. Until now I hadn’t really noticed the drooping detumescent rocket ship in the SP logo. No wonder they’re sad.

  3. Summa Rabid Puppies: A Casuistry of the Hugo Controversy
    Master of Puppies
    Birth of an Organized Slate
    The Last Puppyking
    The Puppies of Wiccam Fensboro
    The Warpuppy’s Coin
    Puppy Dawn
    A Hugo Broken
    A Throne of Chew Toys

  4. How have you not yet used:

    Old Puppies’ War
    The Puppy Brigades
    The Puppy Colony
    Puppy’s Tale
    The Puppy Division
    The End of All Puppies
    Puppy to the Stars
    The Puppies Dream
    Puppy Nation
    Puppyshirts: A Hugo With Two Canines

    Or are those just a little too much? 😉


  5. “My God! It’s Full of Puppies!”
    Lucky Starr and the Puppies of the Asteroids
    No Enemy But Puppy
    And All the Puppies a Stage
    A Torrent of Puppies
    The Science Fiction Hall of Puppies
    The Golden Puppies of the Sun
    Ready Puppy One
    Stars in My Puppy Like Grains of Sand
    The Dragon and the Puppy
    The Man With Nine Puppies
    The Yiddish Policemen’s Puppy
    To Say Nothing of the Dog
    Where Late the Sweet Puppies Peed
    The Ones Who Walk Away from Puppies
    The Way of Cross and Puppy
    Why I Left Puppy’s All-Night Hamburgers
    Puppy, Ask Not
    Scherzo With Puppy
    Enter a Puppy. Later: Enter Another.
    10^16 to 1 Puppies
    Blood of the Puppy
    Puppy in the Outback
    Dune: Puppy
    Redshirts: A Novel with Three Puppies
    24 Views of Puppies, by Hokusai
    Tails of Known Space
    Crouching Puppy, Hidden Vox
    Puppy Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

  6. Christopher Kovacs: At the very beginning I observed that the roundups with “puppy” titles had lots of readers and a similar post with a non-puppy title had fewer. I speculated that usage was a kind of branding and explained why people didn’t seem to find the other roundup as easily. So for awhile I usually followed the rule of including the word “puppy” in roundup titles.

    Also, at the beginning the roundups depended on links from more widely-read blogs.

    Once the roundups gained their own following I realized I had more freedom to vary the titles. They might encompass other dog references, or other themes within the Sad/Rabid discussion (one was inspired by all the references to Siamese cats happening in comments that day.). And that’s when people started to get really clever. Or slipped the leash, if you will…

  7. robin: “Puppyshirts: A Hugo With Two Canines”

    Ohhhhhhhhh, nice. I’m thinking maybe Furshirts (or Hairshirts?) could work as well, but nicely done on using the sub-title

  8. The Pups Themselves
    The Illustrated Puppy
    To Serve Puppy
    To Say Nothing of the Puppy
    We Few, We Happy, We Band of Puppies

  9. The Gripping Paw
    These aren’t the Puppies you’re looking for.
    Hugos? Where we’re going, we don’t need Hugos
    Take your stinking paws off me, you damned, dirty, Puppy!
    But it is not this day! This day we vote!
    Reverse the Pawlarity!
    Have fun storming the Hugos!
    Puppies Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.
    All those Hugos will be lost in time.. like tears in rain… Time to vote…

  10. Stephan: Nice! That’s probably the best (and the most like Mike’s) on this page.

  11. “All the Puppies in a Day”

    Possibly my least favorite Ray Bradbury, since it was the sole example of sf every year in school for grades six through ten. Really, educators, really?

  12. Summa Puppies: A Casuistry of the Hugo Controversy
    Arts of Rabid and Sad
    The Wardog’s Hugo nomination
    Opera No Award Aeterna

  13. How much is that Puppy in the window,
    The one with the raggedy tale.
    How much is that Puppy in the window,
    I do hope a Hugo’s for sale.

  14. Iams Legend

    (Assuming that is an international pet food brand, and not just a UK one?)

  15. All You Puppies
    A Sound of Puppies
    At the back door, without any fuss, the puppies were going out.

  16. Having read or skimmed the Hugo fiction nominations, I came to the conclusion that most of the nominations were for average stories that are not worthy of a Hugo. I like good, well-written stories be they from David Drake or Charles Stross. I don’t care about the writers’ politics, etc. And so I find that “Noah Award” will be a first place vote in several categories or a second place vote in others.

    And it’s not just the Hugos. Major League Baseball, as of 6/19/15, has invalidated over 65 million votes for the All-Star game citing irregularities. That 8 Kansas City Royals lead the ballot in their position suggests that electronic voting needs to be rethought since it can be manipulated far easier than people had thought.

  17. I can has Hugo?
    I can haz Hugo?

    Who let the pups out?
    Will the real Sad Puppy please stand up?

    Puppies lick faces– not stamps.

    Lick a face, spread the joy. — Puppy Tao

    Repent Worldcon woofed the Ticked-offed Pup

  18. John Collar of Mars

    The Thorn in God’s Paw

    The Moon’s Fire-Breathing Bitch

    The Kennels of Steel

    First Lensmutt
    Galactic Pack
    Second-Stage Lensmutt
    Grey Lensmutt
    Litter of the Lens

    Costigan’s Collar-and-Leash

  19. Kennels in Flight: They Shall Have Kibble
    Kennels in Flight: A Walk to the Stars
    Kennels in Flight: Lassie, Come Home
    Kennels in Flight: The Triumph of Whines

  20. I guess I procrastinated too long again, and these won’t be used, but at least they’ll be in The Record:

    (The numbers are to their corresponding originals.)

    1. Tom Swift and his Flying Labrador
    2. Tom Swift and his Pupmarine
    5. Tom Swift and his Atomic Earth Puppy (or Puppy Earth Blaster, your choice)
    7. Tom Swift and his Diving Seapupter
    9. Tom Swift and the Puppy Satellite
    10. Tom Swift and his Ultrasonic Cyclopuppy
    11. Tom Swift and his Deep Sea Hydrophobia
    14. Tom Swift and his Electronic Retropuppy
    16. Tom Swift and the Cosmic Astropuppies
    19. Tom Swift and his Tripuppian Atomicar
    20. Tom Swift and his Megapup Space Prober
    22. Tom Swift and his Repuppytron Skyway
    23. Tom Swift and his Aquatomic Bloodhound
    24. Tom Swift and his 3-D Telepuppy
    25. Tom Swift and his Polar-Ray Dynapuppy
    26. Tom Swift and his Sonic Boom Doghouse
    27. Tom Swift and his Pupocean Geotron (or Subocean Puppytron, your choice)
    29. Tom Swift and the Dogcatcher Planetoid
    31. Tom Swift and his Dyna-4 Fleabite
    32. Tom Swift and his Puppotron Express

    “I hate communism,” Tom said economically.

  21. Has anyone else done the Star Puppies episodes?
    Plato’s StepPuppies,
    For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Puppy,
    And the Puppies Shall Lead,
    Spectre of the Puppy,
    Is There in Truth No Puppy,
    and gotta have it: The Trouble with Puppies.

  22. Mission: Insufferable

    Split-Level Headcheese

    Friendship is Mangina-cal

    “Ward, I’m Worried About the Marmot”

    Knock-knock. Who’s there? Noah. Noah Who? Noah Ward

    Perfidious Etceteras

    From the SJW Aisle at Victoria’s Secret


    (a comment posted to the Hugo/Puppy story)


    Universal fact of life? Stuff changes.

    As you age, the stuff you really liked growing up? Goes away. Replaced by stuff people *younger* than you really like.

    But here’s the thing: I really like typewriters. Typewriters have
    gone away. But I don’t blame the disappearance of typewriters on a vast
    politically correct conspiracy against typewriters and everything
    typewriters stand for.

    The Sad/Bad/Dangerous-To-Know Puppies just need to form a club among
    themselves where they can play together with their “old traditional”
    (manual?) sci-fi… and stop whining about it.

    Thanks for your time.

    I have to go to Staples now — they still have ribbons for my old Royal!

    How cool is that?!?!

    😉 [end quote]

  24. The Neffy Award (National Fantasy Fan Federation Speculative Fiction Award) was first given in 1949 to Ray Bradbury. Since then it has occasionally been given (including continuously since 2005) for outstanding contributions to the Science Fiction field.

    The 2015 Neffy Award, a
    Heroic Commendation,
    Was Won by
    All of Hugo Fandom
    for reviving the most ancient and honorable of all fannish customs, the all-hobby fan feud.

    The ballot resolution read: To all of Hugo Fandom, for they are all fen: A Heroic Commendation for reviving the most ancient and honorable of all fannish customs, the all-hobby fan feud.

    The 2015 Neffy Award for
    Best Editor
    was won by
    Toni Weisskopf, Baen Books.

    The ballot resolution read: Mindful that editors are judged on their extended record, not a single work in a single year, and that other editors may in future years be honored for their work in the same time period, the nomination for 2015 for Best Editor is to Toni Weisskopf, Baen Books .

    George Phillies
    President, National Fantasy Fan Federation

  25. Popping in to whish you all a Good Yule and Happy Holidays. Have been a bit overwhelmed lately with moving apartments which takes longer time than expected during a pandemic where you suddenly have to push dates forward because someone has got a mild cold.

    Anyhow, hope to be more back in a few weeks.

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