Kate Yule on “Whad’Ya Know?”

Lise Eisenberg and Kate Yule attended the live broadcast of Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? nationally-syndicated radio show — and Kate got on the show!

Here is Lise’s account from A Momentary Taste of Wiscon #3:

Saturday morning, Kate Yule and I attended the live broadcast of Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? – the weekly two-hour public radio comedy quiz show produced right on Monona Terrace, just a short stroll from the Concourse Hotel. Our front row center seats gave us a great view of a show that, traditionally, isn’t seen by anyone (being radio and all).

Michael took questions from the audience, made telephone calls to total strangers in other cities, got us to simulate the sounds of a Memorial Day barbecue by tossing inflatable balls into the auditorium, then we amused ourselves while he ignored us completely. Next he interviewed in-studio guest, Wisconsin author Michael Perry, about bovine effluvia. This is all par for the course. Then he asks for volunteers to play the Quiz, Kate raises her hand, and two minutes later she’s up on the stage and it’s her turn to be interviewed.

He asks her where she’s from (Portland, Oregon), which leads naturally to What brings you to town? That’s when Kate Yule begins to explain Feminist Science Fiction to Michael Feldman on a nationally-syndicated show. Back at WisCon, I find out that her brief appearance has already yielded results: someone bought a walk-in day membership in WisCon because she heard Kate talking about it on the radio!

Kate’s Quiz is about forty minutes into the second hour, in Part 4 of the May 23 show.

[Thanks to Moshe Feder for the story.]

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2 thoughts on “Kate Yule on “Whad’Ya Know?”

  1. I have to mention another fan who appeared on Whad’Ya Know? My wife Mary Reed was a guest back in 1992 or there about, (Alas, the show’s Internet archives don’t go back that far.) She was interviewed about her book “Fruits and Nuts in Symbolism and Celebration,” which, she noted, had almost been called “Say It With a Banana.”

  2. I unfortunately had to be out of the room for a minute during the local WYK? broadcast, came back to hear the conversation about Wiscon, and was dying to know who the contestant was. I knew the news would turn up via fandom somewhere. Thanks!

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