No Parties Please, We’re Marriott

If you’re staying in the Marriott Raleigh City Center Hotel during the 2010 NASFiC (ReConStruction) you won’t be hosting a party. Nope. No way. Not allowed.

With the convention less than 2 weeks away, fans planning hospitality events have been informed that that the Marriott, as a corporate entity, has a strict “no party” rule. I didn’t know about it, but this actually is not a recent development. A Google search shows the chain’s customers have been encountering the policy for several years. A defender commented:

[This] type of policy is put in place to ensure guest comfort and hopefully communicate to every guest that the hotel is concerned about making their stay more enjoyable and peaceful – not to insinuate any distrust in the ‘average’ guest. No hotels want to have parties in them – we don’t need/want that type of business. That is what we sell meeting/banquet rooms for.

So what to do? Fans are being told that the Marriott does allow “Meet and Greets.” Meaning, no loud music. No hanging out in hallways.  Go inside and shut the door.

Definitely do not post any flyers about having a “party” in your room or security may come by and shut down your “Meet and Greet.”

According to the ReConStruction website they’re also using a Sheraton, but evidently the official cluster of “Meet and Greet” suites is in the Marriott.

So…Meet-and-Greet like it’s 1999?

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7 thoughts on “No Parties Please, We’re Marriott

  1. Well, we’re going to be in the Sheraton because 1) it was cheaper 2) we don’t mind a little walk 3) the Fanzine Lounge is there!

  2. Confusion has been at the Troy, Michigan, Marriott for several years, and they definitely allow parties. I would also note that Reconstruction’s web page has listed, and still lists, the Marriott as “our party hotel.” This makes me wonder what Reconstruction’s hotel contract says.

  3. @Petrea: Googling “no party” and Marriott brings up comments about the rule from customers all over the country going back several years. However, Joel points out an example he knows, you know one and I know another, or sf conventions using Marriotts which have never had the hammer dropped on them. Perhaps the ultimate answer is that there is a standing policy to this effect that either is carried out with typical human inefficiency and inconsistency, or only becomes a public issue in circumstances we understand too little to predict.

  4. How about updating the link in the article so it points to the con’s website rather than to the obsolete bid website. Their facilities page is .

  5. Run a party?

    An opportunity for ladies and gentlemen to savour fine alcohol, to indulge in considered discourse, to meet fine

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